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PIEDMONT, SC - Piedmont Public Service District of Anderson and Greenville Counties


Piedmont is unincorporated. It is a public service district providing fire protection, recreation, and sewer services to residents within the district.

Piedmont Fire Department
Hwy. 86
P. O. Box 57
Piedmont, South Carolina 29673
Phone: (864) 845-6817
           (864) 845-7401
Fax     (864)845-3062

Elected officials serve terms on the Piedmont Public Service District of Anderson and Greenville Counties.

Piedmont Public Service District Board of Commissioners:
Ed Poore - Chairman
Al McAbee, Jr., - Vice Chairman
Marsha K. Rogers
Frankie Garrett
Bob Stover

T. B. Wallace - Fire Chief and Administrator
Craig Lawless - Secretary


Piedmont Chronological History
Piedmont History
More Piedmont History
Founding of Piedmont
Fire Department History
Fire Department 2002

PIEDMONT CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY  (compiled by Don Roper, Piedmont, S.C.):

1746: David Garrison Born.
1770: Pearl Springs School Organized on Shiloh Church Road.
1790: David Garrison lives in Greenville County
1822: Henry Pinckney Hammett born in Laurens County.
1843: Grist mill and log cabin built at Garrison Shoals.
1856: Grove Station Baptist Church organized.
Dec. 26, 1848: Tea planted on Golden Grove Tea Plantation by Junius Smith.
July 4, 1851: “Now I have before me a pot of fresh tea from my own plantation, the first I have enjoyed,” Junius Smith says.
Dec. 23, 1852: Junius Smith attacked at his home in Grove Station, seriously injured.
Jan. 25, 1853: Junius Smith dies as a result of his injuries.
1860: Shiloh Mehtodist Church organized.
1862: Garrison Shoals property bought by William Bates and Co.
1865: Shiloh Methodist Church used as a school, first teacher was Robert King. April 30, 1873: Piedmont Manufacturing Company organized at the Court House in Greenville. On motion, it was “Resolved that the station on the Greenville and Columbia Railroad and the village be called Piedmont.” Henry P. Hammett, elected president.
Feb. 13, 1874: Corporation known as Piedmont Manufacturing Company chartered by the State of South Carolina.
May 13, 1874: Stockholders adopted the charter as issued by the State of South Carolina.
Oct. 3, 1874: Cornerstone Laid.
Oct. 15, 1874: Cornerstone Maliciously torn open and some items stolen. Resealed.
1875 & 1876: The first mill building was constructed on the Greenville County side of the Saluda River.
Jan., 1876: First Sunday School organized.
March 15, 1876: Water turned on for first time. First bale of cotton opened by Mr. W.J. McElreath and his son; McElreath Street named for this family. First spinning machinery started up. First bale of cotton used in mill bought from Silas F. Trowbridge of Grove Station. He bought the first bale of cloth, a 36” sheeting which was sold in his store.
March 20, 1876: J.W. Rounds, superintendent.
April 1876: First cloth manufactured in Piedmont No. 1.
July 1, 1876: Mill considered in full operation.
Nov. 4, 1876: Piedmont Methodist Church organized by the Rev. R.R. Dagnall, Pastor.
Feb. 24, 1877: James Champion Osteen born.
1877: Royal Kallock, superintendent.
1878: C.A. Davenport, superintendent.
1879: A.R. Steele, superintendent.
1879: Union Church building built by the mill.
Dec. 29, 1879: Piedmont First Baptist Church organized, meeting in the old plantation house on Hotel Hill.
1880: Mill Building No. 2 built in Greenville County.
1880: First school building built and teacher hired. The first school had 80 students enrolled. Wooden school was constructed near Union Church.
May 18, 1880: Piedmont Presbyterian Church organized, the Rev. C.L. Stewart was pastor.
1880: First cloth exported to China.
1883: J.P.  Iler, superintendent.
1888: Mill Building No. 3 built in Anderson County.
1890: Waco School built, first teacher was John Watson.
June 22, 1890: Land given to the Baptists  for a church on Hotel Hill near the reservoir.
July 26, 1891: Piedmont First Baptist church building dedicated
May 8, 1891: H.P. Hammett dies.
May 13, 1891 – June 19, 1891: R.L. McCaughrin served as president.
June 19, 1891: J.L. Orr elected president.
July 26, 1891: Piedmont First Baptist Church building dedicated, pastor was T.M. Galphin.
1891: W.F. Walker, superintendent.
May 11, 1892: Land deeded to Piedmont Methodist Church, church built on Hotel Hill.
Sept. 1, 1893: Lula Timmerman dies. Mother later sees face of Christ in coffee grounds settled in saucer. Mr. A.S. Rowell had picture made which circulated nationwide.
1893: Piedmont Presbyterian Church built in Anderson County.
1894 (Spring): Piedmont Presbyterian Church dedicated by Dr. J. Lowery.
1895: Mill Building No. 4 built in Greenville County on Academy Street.
1900: Wooden school for grammar grades built in Anderson County.
Dec. 3, 1903: Ten wooden buildings in downtown burn.
Feb. 26, 1905: Col. James L. Orr dies.
Feb. 1, 1904: S.T. Buchanan, superintendent.
March 11, 1905: William E. Beattie elected president.
1915: Waco and Shiloh schools merged and new school built at Rock Hill, first principal was Jack Ballard.
1918: “The Bridge,” a monthly paper is started with Mr. A.S. Rowell as editor. Subscription price “Cross the bridge and help each other,” was distributed free to all homes in the village.
Jan., 1919: Installation of electricity completed in the houses and buildings of the town.
1920: Rock Hill School enlarged, first principal was Miss Ollie Simpson, later Mrs. Homer Long.
1920: Piedmont High School built on church Street (brick).
1921: Southern Textile Basketball Tournament started in Greenville.
1922: Mr. A.S. Rowell dies, buried in Rose Hill Cemetery. Mr. Doggett named editor of “Bridge.”
May 9, 1923: William E. Beattie resigns as president of Piedmont Manufacturing Company. S.M. Beattie Elected to succeed his father.
1925: “Bridge” ceases publication.
1927: Piedmont Manufacturing Company sold to the Beattie family by the heirs of H.P. Hammett.
Sept. 18, 1931: Pay rates: Sweeper, $.12/hour; Fixer: $.31/hour.
March, 1933: Piedmont High School wins State basketball Championship in Class B.
June 26, 1933: S.T. Buchanan dies.
July 1, 1933: Carl Moore, superintendent.
June, 1935: Ben Underwood, superintendent.
March, 1936: Piedmont High School wins Class “B” state title.
1936: W.E. Beattie Memorial Grammar School built on Academy street.
1938: New Brick Rock Hill School built by W.P.A.
Dec. 1, 1938: V.J. Lipscomb, superintendent.
June 6, 1938: New grandstand at Buchanan Field holds first game, Appleton wins 6-2.
1946: S.M. Beattie steps down as president when mill is sold.
1946: Piedmont Manufacturing Co. sold to J.P. Stevens and Co., Inc.
Jan. 1, 1949: V.J. Lipscomb, manager; J. Harvey Clevland Jr., superintendent.
March 1950: Piedmont High School wins Class “B” state basketball championship with a record of 28-0.
June 21, 1950: V.J. Lipscomb dies.
June, 1950: R. Carter Henry, manager.
1950: Houses sold to employees.
1950; US Census shows 5,000 people living in Piedmont.
Feb, 15, 1953: Ground breaking held for new Grove Station Baptist Church.
June 7, 1953: New Grove Station Baptist Church dedicated, Dr. Furman S. Rivers, speaker.
1954: Paul W. Nipper Jr., superintendent.
1958: Paul W. Nipper Jr., manager.
March, 1958: Piedmont Plant wins Class “A” Championship in Southern Textile Basketball Tournament for the first time; last year held in old textile hall.
1958: V.T. Jenkins, superintendent. 
March, 1959: Piedmont Plant wins Class “A” Title again, first year held in new Greenville Memorial Auditorium.
1959: Ed H. Stall, manager
Dec. 14, 1962: James Champion Osteen dies
1962: Piedmont High School discontinued, changed to Jr. High.
1962: W.E. Beattie School closed.
1962: “The Saluda Valley Record,” a weekly paper starts publishing.
Aug. 12, 1963: First dirt moved at site of Estes Plant, eventually over 600,000 cubic yards were moved.
Sept. 5, 1963: First concrete poured at Estes Plant, over 12,500 cubic yards were poured. Over 2,000,000 brick were used.
Sept. 23, 1963: First steel erection begun at Estes Plant, weighing over 980 tons.
Oct. 15, 1963: Roof installation started at Estes Plant.
Oct. 16, 1963: Concrete floors started at Estes.
March 1, 1964: First loom started up at Estes.
June 13, 1964: Estes open house for other Stevens plants.
June 16, 1964: Open House and dedication ceremonies held at Estes Plant. Final cost over $6,000,000.
June 20, 1964: Estes Open House for the public.
1964: J.P. Stevens started rug plant in old Piedmont No. 1, renamed as Maples Plant No. 2.
1965; Estes Plant named a Top Ten Plant of the United States.
1965: Piedmont Jr. High closes.
1965: “Saluda Valley Record” ceases publication, subscribers receive “The Williamston Journal.”
1966: J.A. Copple, assistant superintendent.
1966: Maple Plant No. 2 closed. Old mill used to store cloth for Estes and Piedmont.
1967: Old Piedmont High School building burned.
1968: Joe E. Hiott, assistant superintendent.
1971: Pioneer Plant closed.
1971: Estes takes back over the old mill complex on the river in Greenville County. Called Piedmont Warehouse, storing old machinery and cloth. A corduroy cutting unit was installed in the basement of the building.
Dec., 1971: Norman F. Chandler, assistant superintendent.
1973: David J. Worthington, manager.
1974: Jim Herring, Piedmont Plant superintendent.
1976: J.W. Woodc Jr., Piedmont Plant manager; V.T. Jenkins, Estes Plant manager.
1977: Mr. Wood to Estes and Mr. Jenkins to Piedmont.
July 26, 1976: Estes Plant modernized at a cost of $19 million.
1977: E.F. Robbins Jr., manager.
1979: John Paul Poston, manager; Sam Ashley, yarn superintendent; W.A. “Bill” Burch, weaving superintendent; Mr. Wood back to Piedmont.
August, 1981: Corduroy cutting unit closed and moved to Greer.
April, 1981: Piedmont Warehouse closed and building sold to Aquenergy.
1982: S.E. Ball, Piedmont Plant manager.
1983: John T. Tatham, Piedmont Plant manager.
Oct. 26, 1983: Mill Buildings in Greenville County burn.
1984: Sam Ashley, superintendent of manufacturing; H. Gary Rogers, administrative manager.
1984: Jim Vassey, Piedmont Plant manager.
Feb., 1985: Piedmont Plant in Anderson County closed.
1985: First issue of “The Piedmont Informer” is published.
June 30, 1986; Estes Plant sold to Delta Mills Marketing Company, part of Delta Woodside Industries. Edwin Maddrey, Chairman of the Board; Bill Garrett, president of the company; Paul Poston, manager of the plant.
1987: Clarence Gibson, manager.
1990: David Sloan, manager.
April 27, 1990: First Annual Footbridge Festival, sponsored by Bonnes Amies Club.
April 28, 1991: Second Annual Footbridge Festival.

PIEDMONT HISTORY  (compiled by Don Roper, Piedmont, S.C.):

Piedmont: A spot on the Saluda River where the sparkling water rushes over huge rocks on its way from the mountains to the sea. The place has had several names; the Indians and early settlers called it “Big Shoals of the Saluda,” later it was Garrison Shoals and then Piedmont.

From the time the Indians used the big rocks of the shoals as a crossing, through the several bridges, Piedmont has been a crossroads for generations.

The five foot red headed Irishman, David Garrison, built his grist mill upon the shoals, giving it its second name, Garrison Shoals. About this time around 1850, the first bridge was built, a covered wooden bridge. During the early part of the century, a more modern steel span was added, and in 1948 the present cement structure.

When Henry Pinckney Hammett, son-in-law of William Bates, builder of the first successful cotton mill in Greenville County, bought the property for his cotton mill, using the water power of the shoals, the name was again changed, this time to Piedmont, “Foot of the Mountains.” This name was added to his charter for Piedmont Manufacturing Company and also as a railroad station.

Mr. Hammett and his cotton mill are the reason there is a Piedmont today. Being stalled by the War Between the States, Mr. Hammett was finally able to begin producing cloth in 1876, but not before a problem for which he found a unique solution. When he ran short of money, He made a trip up north to where the Textile Machinery Manufacturers were located. he obtained financing to complete his mill by offering stock in his company as payment for the machinery he needed to start production. Saco Lowell and Whitin Machine Works furnished his needs and production began. Some of the Saco Lowell original machinery, as modified, was still operating in 1964.

The company continued after his death in 1893 with the Beattie family from Greenville taking over and running it until 1946 when the giant chain run by J.P. Stevens and Co. Inc. took it over.

The water power was used to produce electricity to run the machinery in the 1880s and also furnished the employees homes from the 1920s until Duke Power expanded after WWII.

The Piedmont Plants operated continuously until 1964, when Stevens built the modern Estes Plant about two miles away from the Saluda Shoals. Moving most of the employees and part of the machinery, Estes is still being operated today as a part of Delta Woodside Industries who bought it from Stevens in 1983.

Mr. Hammett’s original building burned in 1983 and the Anderson County plant was completely torn down by 1995.

Over the years Piedmont had the reputation of turning out quality products, being the first to export cloth to China in the late 1880s through the 1930s. Another name given to Piedmont was “School of Superintendents,” as over the years scores of the South’s Mills were presided over by graduates of Piedmont.

Another credit for the Piedmont Mills was an early library, Lyceum, YMCA, for both men and women. Schools for the children of workers and support for churches  in the community.

In the early 1870s, Hammett reached up to the north, Connecticut, and hired a “yankee veteran,” Albert Smith Rowell, to come work in his mill. Rowell, besides working as a bossman in the clothroom, ran the above mentioned programs for Mr. Hammett, although early history of our region does not give him any credit. Rowell was also the town postmaster, and editor of “The Bridge,” a monthly paper printed by the mills from 1918 until his death in 1922. In the latter part of the 19th century he started a program for young boys of the community, calling them Young Explorers. They were a forerunner of today’s Boy Scouts who didn’t get started until 1909 in England. He was truly an outstanding man.

Today, the town is a commuter neighborhood, more than a mill town, with the area around the Saluda River’s Big Shoals hosting a population of over 16,000. Several small businesses are located in the community, and with I-85 being only four miles away, it is still an enticing location for more.

MORE PIEDMONT HISTORY  (compiled by Don Roper, Piedmont, S.C.):

Albert Smith Rowell was a supervisor or “bossman” in the clothroom at the Piedmont Mills in the 1870s. He also served as the town postmaster and editory of “The Bridge,” a monthly paper printed by the mills from 1918 until his death in 1922. This is a reprint of one of his articles:

“Now the main object of the “Bridge” is to disseminate information that will bring the whole people of Piedmont together and in touch with each other, to inspire the strong to help the weak, help the weak to get on higher ground. This cannot be done by living “hermit” lives, so let us get together.”

Several of his articles and editorials are listed next, covering his wide range of interests and giving of information and guidance to the readers of Piedmont.

THE FOUNDING OF PIEDMONT   (compiled by Don Roper, Piedmont, S.C.):

Since the village of Piedmont was founded, two generations have come upon the stage of life, and few of our inhabitants know anything of the early history of the place. A few words on this subject may not come amiss. Prior to the year 1873 or 45 years ago this locality was known as “The Big Shoals of the Saluda.” It was indeed a wild section, a mass of wildwood and jungle growth. However, the lands with the water power had been previously purchased by Col. H.P. Hammett during the last days of the Civil War. Col. Hammett also had some experience in the management of a small mill at Batesville in this county, and being a man of great business capacity and broad vision, he saw the possibilities of a great enterprise in his purchase.

The paralyzed condition of all undertakings in consequence of the war made it a difficult matter to interest capital in the venture. Southern men did not have the money and northern men did not believe that a cotton mill could be successfully run in the South. They thought the climate was not adapted to good spinning, and that it would be impossible to obtain skilled labor to operate the plant profitably. This fallacy obtained in the north for a good many years, but is now exploded, and northern capital is glad of the hance to invest in southern mills today.

By the year 1873 a charter had been obtained and work was begun on mill No. 1, but because of the great panic of that year, operations were suspended for a while. They were taken up again in 1874 and the building was finished in 1875. In March, 1876, the machinery was started and the first cloth was made (it was good cloth too). The mill was not then fully equipped, but in 1878 the machinery was all put in, at that time there were 11,000 spindles and 240 looms. The company capital was $334,000. Mill no. 2 was completed in 1882, the two mills then had 24,020 spindles and 568 looms, of the spindles, 6,000 were on yarns.

In 1888, mill no. 3 on the Anderson side of the river was built, and still later mill no. 4 was erected on the Greenville side. So much for the mills.




Piedmont Fire Department (2002)

September, 2002 - Piedmont firefighters include: Chief Jerry L. Nichols; Assistant Chief Tracy B. Wallace; Capt. Bobby Higgins, Capt. Norman Wynn, Lt. Terry Yates, Lt. Grady Reeves, Lt. Dustin Allen.

Also Craig Lawless, engineer/inspector/paramedic; Joey Gillespie, engineer/inspector/EMT; Eric Shirley, engineer, paramedic and engineers: Mark McClain, James H. Hyde, Jason Thompson, Robert Bolden, Dustin Grogan, dispatcher.

Sylvia D. Brown, is the administrative assistant.

Volunteer firefighters at the Piedmont Fire Department include: Lt. Alan Rampey, Gene Allen, Wilton Davis, Alan Bleucis, Patrick Peden, Calvin Duckett, Curt Gautier, Al McAbee, Byron Wynn, Clayton Allen, Steve Hudson, George Hudson, George Wessel.

Other volunteers include Grady Davis, traffic; Pete Hawthorne, mechanic and Stan Styles, maintenance.

Piedmont Public Service District Board of Commissioners include Al McAbee, Fred Glenn, C. E. “Ed” Poore Jr., J. C. “Goob” Turner and Marsha Rogers, Chairman.

Bonnie Merritt and M. O. Howard serve as trustees.

History of the Piedmont Fire Department
(Complied by Assistant Chief Tracy Wallace - 2002) 

1948 - J. P. Stevens Company formed the Piedmont Fire Department. Equipment included a 1948 Chevrolet Peter Pirsh fire truck and shop employees served as firefighters.

1971 - A 1971 Ford John Beam fire truck apparatus was purchased. It was kept in the mill parking lot.

1972 - Construction was started on a fire department in the old mill parking lot on Hwy. 86. The depratment has an ISO rating of Class 9.

1973 - The new station was dedicated, the first paid fire chief was hired and the department had an $8,000 budget and an ISO Class 5 rating.

1975 - A 1975 Ford John Beam fire truck was purchased.

1977 - Three firefighters and a fire chief was hired.

1981 - Construction was started on Station #2 on Golf Course Road. Three firefighters were hired to man the station and one fire prevention officer were hired. A service truck was added at headquarters and ISO rating was Class 3.

1983 -  A 1983 Ford Boyer fire truck was purchased.

1985 - Three dispatchers were hired.

1992 - Three additional firefighters were hired.

1993 - New facilities were built at headquarters.

1996 - A new Ford 350 EVI service truck was purchased.

1998 - New computers for records, mapping and hazmat response were added.

2002 - Two Freightliner E-One fire trucks were purchased.

The department currently has 10 paid firefighters, three dispatch/firefighters, one assistant chief, one fire chief/administrator, one administrative assistant, 15 volunteer firefighters. The 2002 budget is $896,000 and the department has an ISO rating of Class 3.



Piedmont SC in the news . . .
(Reported in The Journal, Weekly Newspaper of Williamston, Pelzer, West Pelzer, Piedmont SC)

Piedmont News 2008

Election Day just days away
Five candidates running for Piedmont Board
Rudy Rhodes hopes to continue as commissioner
Waldrep, Greer exchange words prior to personnel meeting
Canes Corner robbed


Body of missing man recovered from Saluda River
CPST makes push in Powdersville
Sue Cleveland school finalist in national contest
Fast, walk to draw attention to hunger
$10 million GO Bond includes eleven projects
Deadline nearing for voter registration
Wren student among National Semifinalists
Piedmont revenue drop not being addressed commissioner says
School District One ranks fourth on ACT
SC seniors record highest ACT scores
School lunch, breakfast program policy announced
Help PERC with school supply drive
PERC to sponsor school supply drive
=Rice arraigned on hammer incident
Hammer incident under investigation
Salkehatchie volunteers making home improvements
Piedmont budget approved, bid process still being questioned
Piedmont man dies after hit in head with hammer
County Council to see new faces; voters show support for C. Wilson
Opportunity of a lifetime comes with flight in supersonic Russian jet 
State veterans cemetery dedication honors Cooper, all who served
Veterans cemetery dedicated
Veterans Cemetery dedication Friday
Republicans  plan stump meeting
Candidate Interview - Rick Freemantle County Council District 6
Piedmont budgets one percent pay raise
Republicans  plan stump meeting
21 tons of food donated to needy
Anderson County Sheriff’s report
Letter carriers to collect food May 10
Donated food items to stay in Piedmont
Cooper to receive honorary degree during Clemson commencement
Piedmont approves 08-09 budget
Support EMS  
Strong Communities project getting national attention
Riley Community Garden groundbreaking Saturday
Argument results in sword fight
County Council clears way for CPST to be on referendum
Opposition growing for Slabtown C&D landfill
Piedmont Commissioners weed out bid process for service contracts
Local Capital projects list
Capital projects sales tax will fund Powdersville area improvements
Temples agency holds open houseRoad, sidewalk projects to be placed on capital improvement list
Flow monitors could help identify sewer line leaks
Agricultural consulting not an issue for Council member
Coopers donate organ to SCSDB
Piedmont PSD sets new rates for rentals
Angel Food Ministries now accepting orders
Road projects underway

Piedmont News 2007

Looking Back 2007
Piedmont considering streetscape plan
Ron Wilson drops push for zoning changes
Piedmont receives $15,000 PARD funds
Bring food drive items to Piedmont Parade
Sign up for now Piedmont Parade
Bonnes Amies sponsor Miss/Master Contest
Vandals strike Wren stadium
Local Fire District had problems with Palmetto 800 Motorola system
PERC to offer free dental services

PERC to join Piedmont Fire in helping needy this Christmas
Ron Wilson presents check to Wren Youth
Sign up now for Piedmont Miss/Master contest
Piedmont history on display Oct. 20
PPSD restructures recreation department
Bonnes Amies sponsor parade, Christmas contest

Shoplifters turn themselves in after drinking stolen beer
PERC offers job bank for local area
Textile Heritage being celebrated
Public invited to help manage area growth
Grant helps buy fire equipment
Upton sings national anthem
Wren area grocery apparently on hold
Piedmont residents address law enforcement
Grove Station Masons hold ground breaking
Break ground
Piedmont museum could be a reality
Piedmont Commissioners report on monthly operations
Piedmont officials to address crime concerns
Retired veterans offer worldly advice

Grove Station Masons to hold ground breaking
Competitive grants  being awarded locally
Piedmont hit with high winds
South Greenville FD adds new wing
July 4th parade in South Greenville
Piedmont names new fire chief
Piedmont suspends free use of gym after complaints
Retirement supper held for fire chiefPiedmont District
Salkehatchie volunteers perform extreme makeover times five
Canada Datran announces facility in Piedmont
PERC to host open house Saturday
Saluda River Catfish band to honor early musicians
Groundbreaking held for Dolly Cooper Sports Complex
Veterans Cemetery will be named for Cooper Despite Governor veto
Piedmont approves first budget reading
Murder, suicide in Piedmont
Textile Historical Society to meet in Piedmont
Woodmont holds Spirit Week events
Woodmont sets cheer tryouts
Disputed taxes fund turnout gear
Piedmont Commissioners approve River Road sewer project
Woodmont Class Sweetheart pageant results
Piedmont man charged with CSC
Piedmont PSD Board installs new members
Piedmont Fire Chief announces retirement
Piedmont parade Dec 9
PARD grants awarded
Special events highlight the holidays

SGFD vehicle donations increase preparedness
State grants allow park improvements
Wren FD receives grant
Bonnes Amies announce parade

Piedmont Public Service
Stover running for PPSD commissioner
Rawls running for Council District 26
McAbee wants to continue on board
Rhodes happy to serve on PPSD board
Voters to decide 7 statewide Constitutional Amendments

Piedmont history to be on display
Residents begin vision process
Piedmont history to be on display
Voters to have many choices
Seems to Me . . .The last card
PPSD board meets
Earl Wooten Tribute
Candidates to file
District One registration, orientation begins this week
Adult Ed program gives workers a second chance
Wren sidewalk project delayed
Tri-County Ride for Meals Saturday
Miss South Carolina to be crowned Saturday
Bloom stores open
Piedmont budget receives final approval
Five from area are in Miss SC pageant
Piedmont budget hearing leads to other discussions
AIM, PERC join efforts to offer services to area
Blue Star Mothers of America offer support
Check presented for sidewalk project
Sidewalk Project may be finished before school starts
Local man charged in pawn shop slaying
Salkehatchie Camp returns to area
Powdersville Water District completes project
Angel Food Ministries, PERC offer food box
Wren Sidewalk Project receives funding
Gilstrap seeking reelection to Greenville County Council
Driver fatally injured
Dees hopes to continue serving Council District 6
Ron Wilson running for District Six seat
Freemantle challenging for District 6 seat
Postal food drive donations to stay in Piedmont area
Letter carriers to collect food
Piedmont Blue Devils to reunite
Piedmont approves first reading on 2007 budget
Riverside Center to present art Gala
State budget passes full committee
Angel Food Ministries, PERC offer food box
Miss Tri-County winners
Bonnes Amies sponsors Miss Piedmont, Miss Powdersville pageant

Piedmont looking at insurance, tax rate
Hunting, fishing expo in Piedmont

Painting offers therapy for Alzheimers patients
South Greenville Fire gets new pumper
New grocery stores coming to area
District One Kindergarten registration March 1
Register Feb. 10 for Kindergarten in Greenville County

Three area projects receive SCDOT grant funding
Piedmont man arrested in state’s largest meth bust


Woodmont High earns Palmetto Gold Award
Piedmont park to get swings, shelter
PERC to offer flu shots
Piedmont deaths being investigated
Piedmont resident charged in Conestee murder
Piedmont parade to honor veterans
PERC to meet
Piedmont deaths being investigated
Property purchase price more than reported
Grant awarded for new turnout gear
Veterans to be honored at Piedmont parade
Powdersville projects raise more questions
County officials announce plans for Powdersville government center
Piedmont considering park improvements, fee increases
Family returns to New Orleans
Greenville County official seeking info with FOI
Footbridge Festival celebrates mill town
Bring food items to festival
Local runners pace Eagles Cross Country
Ford runs for Clemson
Deputies investigate area thefts
Displaced family receiving local help
SGFD Emergency Response Team help with search and recovery
Residents turn out for Strong Community forum
Grants to benefit Piedmont area
PPSD August meeting
Mother sentenced to 20 years
Clemson celebrates Strong Communities
Piedmont veteran son honored by monument
Parent asks help in finding missing girl
Governor Sanford vists upstate Republicans
Local firefighters help with hurricane rescues
Piedmont to honor decorated veteran
Neighborhood Day celebrates community
Footbridge Festival planning underway
Area citizens, businesses send supplies to Mississippi
Perceived gas shortage causes lines at stations
Footbridge Festival planning underway
Woodmont community returning to new school
Sexton joins agency
Man sentenced for Piedmont bank robbery
Fireworks, special events kick off July 4th weekend
July Jubilee features free concert in Piedmont
Saluda-Reedy Watershed workshop includes stop in Piedmont
Piedmont street dance a success
Cooper elected chairman of Ways and Means Committee
Salkehatchie volunteers working on local homes
Piedmont street dance festival to benefit PERC
Piedmont approves budget, look at bids
July Jubilee to feature free concert
Waffle House robbed
Trench Collapse
Last days of school scheduled
Grant to balance Piedmont budget
Job Service manager to speak at PERC meeting
Day Camps being offered in Piedmont
Basketball camps set for Wren area
Miscommunication causes delay for fishing pier project
Piedmont Relief Center hopes to involve others
Piedmont Relief Center ready to help residents
Piedmont officials approve new budget with shortfall
Grove Station Masonic Lodge opens time capsule from 1972

Wren graduate among members -  Clemson’s ‘Pershing Rifles’ place first in National Competition
Spearman Elementary Spring Fling is Friday
Piedmont Relief Center to hold open house
Deputies investigate Hardee’s robbery
Greenville County Council approves Acadia community
Dees presents check
Piedmont Commissioners set bid, budget workshop
Piedmont Commissioners discuss contractor ethics
Mutual aid agreements help on Piedmont house fire
Sue Cleveland school moving into new facility
Bond refinance to save School District $200,000
Piedmont Relief Center seeking donations
Cafe opens in corner of Augusta Place center
Two from area graduate State Fire Academy training
Piedmont Commissioners to apply for new sewer grant
Hunting/fishing Expo in Piedmont Feb. 19
Planned village project proposed on Saluda River
Teal photography opens new studio
Wooodmont sweethearts named
Local roller skaters in regional competitions
Outdoor Expo in Piedmont Feb. 19
South Greenville Fire District lowers ISO rating from 4 to 3
Public hearings to gather input on student assignment in Greenville County
Piedmont commissioners looking at improvements
Minor league baseball may be coming to Powdersville
Budweiser distribution center to open later this year

Winter Fest offers holiday activities, craft items, parade
New organization to help meet local needs
Area residents plead quilty to counterfeiting
District One schools receive “Excellent” grades

Winter Fest offers holiday activities, craft items, parade in Piedmont
SCHCA honors Cooper as Volunteer of the Year
South Greenville son takes flight in experimental craft

Sue Cleveland Elementary anticipates new location
Piedmont commissioners decide to clean sewer lines
Sheriff-elect Crenshaw announces command staff

Solid waste controversy consumes county council
Whitefield to offer Thanksgiving Meal
Winter Fest to feature lots of holiday activities
Piedmont Parade December 11

Garrett, Rogers elected Piedmont commissioners

Piedmont Commissioners race

Dan Rawls seeking commissioner’s seat
William Dickson seeking Board seat
Marsha Rogers hopes to continue service
Michelle Anderson wants to be involved
Frankie Garrett wants to see growth
Robert Higgins running for board

Delta Woodside to close Piedmont Estes Plant
Summer day camps to return to Piedmont Community Center
Voters to use electronic touch screen this election
Appell, Crenshaw face off in Anderson County Sheriff's race

Congressman, senator campaign through area
County Council - Wilson opposes . . .
Woodmont High principal arrested on assault charge

New voting machines to be displayed locally
O’Dell hopes to bring experience back to Senate
Thieves strike area homes
Miss Woodmont
First Wren coaches and captains

Lt. Governor Bauer, Senator O’Dell in area

Piedmont gearing up for Footbridge Festival October 15 & 16

Piedmont collecting supplies for victims of recent hurricanes

Piedmont First Baptist plans Oct. homecoming

New events planned for Footbridge Festival

Piedmont Footbridge Festival Oct. 15, 16
Crafters needed for holiday event in Piedmont
Authorities recover stolen vehicles

District One among top five on PACT test
Concrete Primary welcomes guidance counselor to staff

Outreach activities planned for Labor Day
District One addresses state, federal mandates
Woodmont principal Dr. Randy Reagan plans school improvements
District One SAT average above state, below national

Candidates sign up for political offices
Ansel Guthrie is a gospel, bluegrass music pioneer
Shady Grove serious about area ministry

Piedmont Commissioners support Christmas light project
Dist. One seniors No. 3 in state on ACT
Greenville County schools start next week
Outreach activities planned for Labor Day

District One’s Fowler committed to education
District One enrollment increases by 200 students
Wren students offered sports pass
Reserved tickets available for Wren football
School Board members updated on construction projects

Lunch, breakfast program policy announced by District
Candidates begin filing August 2
The Jolly Turnip opens in Piedmont
Pride in Piedmont sees progress in local effort
Greenville County schools start August 23

District One announces registration, orientation
Local residents recover two stolen vehicles
Piedmont Commissioners approve budget
Dr. Ryan Cook assumes ownership of practice

July 4th event a success for Piedmont
United Methodist volunteers provide home improvements
Piedmont Commissioners revise consulting agreement

Piedmont residents plan July 3 street dance
Miss South Carolina pageant begins July 6
County Education Board approves District One budget
Crenshaw continues in sheriff’s race
Russell named principal at Concrete

Salkehatchie volunteers spruce up local homes
Woodmont ceremony honors Class of 2004
A look at the Anderson County Sheriff’s race
Commencement services Saturday for area grads
Community concerns aired at Piedmont Town Meeting 
Piedmont Public Service District approves second reading on budget

Strong Communities recognizes community service in Piedmont area
King to hold  forum
King to run for state house seat

Piedmont budget reflects rising insurance costs

Register now to vote in June primary
Construction underway for Sue Cleveland Elementary
Piedmont forum May 13

Piedmont Community Center to host summer day camps

Piedmont to develop community food bank
Luncheon recognizes Piedmont’s founding131st birthday
Piedmont woman arrested in shooting of Pelzer man
2004 increases activity for Piedmont personnel
Sylvia Brown retires from Piedmont Fire Department
Easley man stabbed in Piedmont parking lot
Easley man pleads guilty to felony DUI




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