Concessions now available in 
Mineral Spring Park

Spring Water Concessions is now open in Mineral Spring Park, offering visitors an opportunity to enjoy various concessions during the spring and summer months.

Williamston Town Council recently voted unanimously to allow the concessions.

“My proposal for the Spring Water Concessions stand was not only to provide a source of revenue to dedicate to the park and park related projects, but more importantly to provide a refreshing service to park visitors,” Williamston Mayor Phillip Clardy said. “This concession is not intended to be a money maker, but more so to add one more advantage to visiting our beautiful park for enjoyment.”

Clardy said that sporadic trash in the park was evidence that refreshments were already being brought to the park by visitors.

The concession stand is located in the “Bethlehem” stable building in the park.

“Its location near the playground and the other recreational activities is ideal,” Clardy said.

The building served no practical purpose for many years, only being used for the Christmas Park setting, according to Clardy.

Items being offered include a variety of beverages, candies, chips and frozen snacks.

Clardy said eventually the stand will offer various recreational equipment for rent as well as provide picnic related items such as charcoal and bagged ice.

Clardy said the stand also provides a presence in the park for additional safety and a source of information and contact in the event of an emergency.


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