With restructuring of the water and sewer bills, West Pelzer citizens will not see as large an increase in their rates as originally expected, officials said Tuesday.

Under the new rate structure, sewer rates, which are based on water usage, will be a flat rate for the 1000 gallon minimum with additional charges for additional 1000 gallon usage.

Residents inside the town will pay $4.30 for sewer on the first 1000 gallons while residents outside will pay $6.20.

For water usage over the 1000 gallon minimum, residents inside the town will pay $1.90 per 1000 for sewage and outside residents will pay $2.35 per 1000.

“It is a lot less than originally thought,” said George McDaniel, of the Appalachian Council of Governments.

McDaniel has been assisting town officials with the budget process and other related items.

The minimum rate and the RDA rate will remain the same, McDaniel said.

Sewer rates for the town were based on rate of 80 percent of the water rate for inside town residents and 90 percent of the water rate for outside town residents.

“Most will not go up,” McDaniel said. “Some may actually decrease. I think this is good news for the town.”

“I’m thrilled to death about these new rates,” Mayor Bill Alexander said.

In other business, Council approved second reading on a $527,429 budget for 2002-2003 during the special called meeting.

Acting on a motion made by  Councilman Joe Turner and a second by Councilman Earl Brown, the budget was approved. Mayor Alexander voted in order to achieve a quorum.

The revamped budget reflects capital expenditures for equipment and other items, according to McDaniel, and will be more informative when combined with the computer accounting system the town is using.

McDaniel said the town is making progress in dealing with the water and sewer problems it is facing by budgeting for leak detector equipment.

Complete budget figures will be published in The Journal next week.


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