The Piedmont Public Service District of Anderson and Greenville Counties Board of Commissioners held third reading on the new budget for fiscal year ending June 30, 2003 at their regular monthly meeting Monday, June 17.

The budget included a 3.3 percent cost of living salary increase for District employees.

As approved, the budget reflects estimated revenues for all departments at $1,070,522 with total expenditures of $1,056,396, for a surplus of $14,126.

Millage rates remained unchanged at .055 for the fire department and .007 for the light operations, .017 for sewer operations, and .002 for recreation.

Revenues are based on assessed values in Greenville Districts 90, 91, and 105 and Anderson District 123.

Sewer and light revenues are based on assessed values in Greenville District 90 and Anderson District 123 only.

Recreation is based on assessed values in all four districts.

Total estimated revenues from Fire Department operations are $898,792 with an additional interest income of $20,000. Fire Department expenditures are budgeted at $909,365.

Included are salaries and employee fireruns of $470,271; volunteer fireruns $10,000 commissioners’ expense $3,900; and payroll taxes of $36,805.

Also included are utilities $13,000; telephone $10,500; diesel fuel and gasoline $4,000; vehicle repairs and maintenance, $9,000; fire equipment, ladders and shop supplies $14,000.

Also lawn maintenance $3,850, station repairs and maintenance, $2,500, uniforms $4,000; protective clothing $3,000; dues $5,000; promotional and entertainment $2,600; office supplies and expense $3,000.

Other items: accounting $5,000; legal $4,000; professional grant consultations  $9,600, travel and training $6,700; physical fitness and medical screening $6,000; safety and first responder supplies $1,000.

Also health insurance $100,000; life insurance $9,792; property insurance on buildings and vehicles $22,000, workman’s compensation $24,000; PORS retirement plan $48,647; trash pickup $168; and advertising $250.

Debt service on PORS retirement buy-back is budgeted at $46,782 and capital outlay payment of $30,000.

Sewer and Light department revenues of $104,046 are expected with current sewer operations expense budgeted at $104,046. Sewer line and septic tank maintenance is the largest expenditure at $76,869; salaries at $6,102; insurance at $5,000; payroll taxes of $467; retirement $653 and light expense $15,000 for total expenditures of $104,046.

Recreational operations budget includes revenues of $15,000 from rentals and $29,271 from Greenville District tax operations and $3,413 from Anderson District tax operations, for a total revenue of $47,684.

Recreational expenses include building manager salary $8,718; utilities $10,400; telephone $800; Payroll taxes $667; liability insurance $6,000; maintenance and supplies and repairs $1,000; lawn maintenance (7 months) $8,400; contract labor for the ballpark $5,000 and contract labor for the building $2,000 for a total of $42,954. Excess revenue of $4,699 is expected.

The next meeting of the Piedmont Public Service District Board of Commissioners will be held August 19 at 7 p.m. at the Piedmont Fire Department.



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