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Week of Apr. 14, 2004

West Pelzer Town officials address sewer funds, trash contract 
Proposed renovations to Pelzer Gym to cost $250,000
Plans underway for return of local Guard
Thieves strike homes, businesses

West Pelzer officials address sewer funds, trash contract 

West Pelzer officials worked to resolve questions about sewer funds and trash collection at the regular meeting of the town council Tuesday.

Questions arose at last month’s council meeting about the status of the special sewer fund when a citizen asked about the amount of money in the fund for the Rural Development project.

Town Clerk Wanda Sutherland reported that $20,000 had been paid to Dunn & Associates for engineering fees and that the account then contained $21,000.

Sutherland said that she began putting $1,000 – approximately half of the funds collected from billing – in the reserve sewer account each month beginning in July 2000.

The citizen said she had understood that the entire amount collected was to go into the reserve sewer account when the town began the special billing to collect funds for the project.

After many questions and much discussion Tuesday, town officials were still unable to provide an explanation for the handling of the remainder of the funds. It would appear that the funds may have been used for operating expenses in the water and sewer department, according to information surfacing in the discussion.

Deciding to move forward on the issue, the council unanimously supported a motion by Councilman Joe Turner that all future RDA fees collected go into the special sewer account. Council member Maida Kelly agreed to monitor the account and provide oversight for the council.

A trash collection contract for the town continued to be an issue after several citizens voiced disagreement with recent council decisions.

After a motion by Councilman Joe Turner at a called meeting on February 18, the council had voted unanimously to renew an annual contract with Roger Scott for the service.

After a new motion by Turner at the March meeting, the council voted unanimously to reconsider the issue and put the contract out for bids.

Turner made a counter motion Tuesday night to continue the contract with Scott but received no support from his fellow council members.

Councilman Terry Davis stated that since Scott acts as municipal judge for the town he must be legally a low bidder in a bid system to receive the contract. Davis made a motion to give Scott a 60-day notice and then put the contract out for bids.

A 3-1 vote supported Davis’ motion with Turner casting the only opposing vote. Councilman Earl Brown was not present during the vote.

Zoning Chairman Charles Ellenburg discussed a request to locate a mobile home at 16 Hindman Street which had been determined to be inside the city limits. Ellenburg reviewed several town codes relating to the request, and the council responded by unanimously disapproving the request.

Sgt. Bernard Wilson addressed the council about a program to obtain a police dog for the town. Wilson explained that tax deductible contributions would be requested for a non-profit program to purchase a police dog at a cost ranging from $7,000 to $10,000.

Wilson explained that the dog could be used by other law enforcement officials through contracts as well as be used to provide education programs in district schools.

The council gave Wilson unanimous approval to proceed with the plan. 

Police Officer Charles Rogers presented an update to the council on a project originally begun in January 2003 to obtain police vehicles through a program which is part of the Homeland Security Act.

Government Acquisitions based in Delaware manages the program and processes all applications. Rogers stated that the town had been approved by the organization to receive seven fully-equipped police cars which are issued for three years at a cost of $1 per vehicle. The Town would then supply insurance, fuel and maintenance for the vehicles which would be under warranty, Rogers continued.

Actual receipt of the vehicles is based on funding available from sponsors. Since the cost of each vehicle is underwritten by sponsors, each vehicle would have a minimum number of advertisements from the sponsors, Rogers added.

Rogers said that the Town could receive priority consideration in the state of South Carolina if all paperwork was completed in a timely manner. Rogers indicated that he hoped to have everything needed from the town attorney to proceed with the process by the council meeting in May.

In other business, the council unanimously approved the first reading of an ordinance repealing several ordinances relating to employment. Mayor Peggy Paxton explained that any issues dealing with employment would be handled in an employee handbook.

Paxton reported that three crape myrtle trees had been purchased for $945 to replace ones now located at 86 Main Street which will need to be moved in order to install the new water line. The purchase price included delivery, installation and a 1-year guarantee, Paxton added.

Paxton also reminded the council that the county will soon begin paving Burkett Street.

Paxton presented a quote to the council for three signs for the town – a metal sign for the town hall and two wooden signs to be placed at the entrances to the town. After a motion by Councilman Turner, the council decided to request bids on the project.

Proposed renovations to Pelzer Gym to cost $250,000

Newly-elected Pelzer officials heard an engineering recommendation which proposed over $250,000 in renovations to the Pelzer Gymnasium at their regular meeting Monday night.

The council had voted unanimously at their March meeting to spend $3,000 on an engineering recommendation before beginning any work on the 100-year-old local landmark.

Working with Architect Chris Tedesco, Bryan Yoder of Trehel Corporation of Clemson presented the recommendations on structural repairs and renovations to meet building codes as well as comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for the “beautiful, historic structure.”

Yoder proposed that toilets in existing restrooms in the lower level of the gym be capped off and that the lower level be closed to public access.

To meet ADA regulations, Yoder proposed that two restrooms with handicapped accessibility be added in the upper level in the area where trophy cases are currently located. A 79-foot handicapped ramp would also be added to the entrance to the structure, he said.

A landing with a steel handrail would replace the stairs at the rear of the building to create an additional exit from the building, Yoder added.

Yoder proposed that an acoustical ceiling be added to the front lobby and that the current wood floors be refinished. Due to the cost of removal, the current fireplace would remain but would not be usable, Yoder said.

Other improvements he proposed included: repairing the sprinkler system, reworking broken tiles, re-glazing glass, adding new light fixtures in the gym area and new heads on the fire sprinkler system, adding a new water fountain and water heater, adding roof insulation and an attic heater.

A 2-ton heating and cooling system was proposed for the structure. All upper windows would be replaced with aluminum-clad thermal windows, and windows on the lower level would be closed off to eliminate heat loss and prevent vandalism, Yoder said.

Yoder also recommended that the interior and exterior of the building be painted and that a new roof be added to the structure.

Yoder estimated that the total cost of the project would amount to $254,647. Mayor Page Henderson explained that the town would have to seek grant money in order to pay for the project, but that the town had to get over the “hurdle of preparing a proposal which documented how the funds would be used.”

Councilman Terry Mitchell spoke in favor of pursuing the project saying, “This is the history of Pelzer. We’ve got to maintain and keep what we’ve got.”

District 7 Council member Cindy Wilson who was present at the meeting offered several suggestions as to where the town might look for grants to fund the project. She also suggested that the town might consider doing the work in stages.

Town officials had previously authorized an expenditure of $25,000 to begin repairs on the structure after the engineering recommendation was received. The town received an estimate of $10,517 to prepare the gymnasium for painting and to apply two coats of paint and an estimate of $13,500 for installing a new roof, Henderson said.

In other business, Henderson reported that Town Attorney Jimmy King has presented a final draft on a police protection agreement to the attorney for the Town of West Pelzer. Henderson reported that the target date for completion of the agreement is mid-May.

Henderson told the council that a 1988 Ford dump truck belonging to the town had to be overhauled at a cost of $2,900.

Henderson also reported that the “300 to 400 buckets of spikes” at a railroad crossing had not been removed. A CSX representative had said that the railroad crossing should be cleaned up by the end of March.

In an effort to reach out to areas of the county, Lee Luff, president of the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce, and Carol Burdette, chairman of the Board of Directors, were present at the meeting to offer assistance to the town from the chamber. They distributed copies of the 2003-2004 Newcomer’s Guide and noted that Pelzer was featured in the guide and that Henderson had agreed to serve on the Board of Directors.


Plans underway for return of local Guard

Members of the 151st Signal Battalion are standing by waiting on a plane to transport them home after more than a year of deployment in Operation Enduring Freedom. Family members expect to learn that the local unit is on its way to South Carolina any day now.

The soldiers are expected to fly in to Shaw Air Force Base in Columbia where they will go through routine paperwork and procedures. They will then have an opportunity to meet family members and loved ones at Camp McCrady – a National Guard facility located on a rear section of Fort Jackson.

Plans are for the unit to go through a 5-day demobilization at Camp McCrady with the possibility of seeing their families at night during that time. After the demobilization, the unit will be bussed to local armories with a law enforcement escort.

When Company C returns to the armory in Williamston, there will be a presentation by Mayor Phillip Clardy to each soldier of flags flown in the town during the deployment as well as a certificate of appreciation.

Plans include a community-wide celebration in honor of the soldiers at the Anderson Civic Center the following day. Governor Mark Sanford and General Stan Spears are expected to be featured speakers at the event, a spokesperson said.

Anderson County plans to provide a meal for the soldiers and their families at the Civic Center along with some family entertainment.

After the event, soldiers are expected to be released to their families until their next drill which is scheduled some time in September.

Thieves strike homes, businesses

Anderson County deputies investigated the following incidents this week:

Anderson County deputies investigated the following incidents this week:

Apr. 12 – Loretta Anders, 55, 11612 Hwy. 81 North, Greenville, reported that someone removed a 2003 Honda XR250 dirt bike valued at $5,000 from her residence. F. Wooten investigated.

Apr. 11 – Barry Newton Brown, 43, 124 Loveland Dr., Williamston, reported that someone took a 1998 Freightliner valued at $45,000 which was parked at Huddle House on Hwy. 187. J. L. Martin investigated.

Apr. 11 - Karen Joann Crawford-Wilson, 42, 306 Easley Hwy., Piedmont, reported that someone entered her yard and stole a black 1990 Harley Davidson motorcycle valued at $10,000. D. B. Anderson investigated.

Apr. 10 – Sabrina Rachel Webber, 35, 1224 Tall Oaks Cir., Piedmont, reported that someone stole a 5-year-old Golden Retriever-Chow mix dog valued at $50 from her back yard. W. Cunningham investigated.

Apr. 10 – Total Fitness, 431 Highview Road, Williamston, reported that someone pried open a side door kicked in five doors and stole two stereos, a color TV and a VCR valued at $575. D. B. Anderson investigated.

Apr. 10 – Riverfront Mulch, 100 Anderson St., Piedmont, reported that someone reached inside the fence and stole an air compressor valued at $200. D. B. Anderson investigated,

Apr. 10 – James J. McDonald, 20, 200 Yorktown Ct., Easley, reported that someone smashed the mirror, dented a fender on his vehicle and stole a mobile phone valued at $150. C. M. McBride investigated.

Apr. 9 – Waldon T. Winner, Jr., 54, 405 Guthrie Grove Rd., Pelzer, reported that someone took a 1992 Chevy Lumina valued at $3,000. D. M Patten investigated.

Apr. 8 – Kevin S. Albert, 21, 102 Shadow Moss Drive Apt. S-102, Piedmont, reported that someone forced entry to his residence and removed a money order and Playstation valued at $690. F. Wooten investigated.

Apr. 8 – Lisa Jarrard Webb, 40, 216 Willingham Rd., Belton, reported that someone forced open a door to a residence belonging to her deceased father. Items missing were not determined. B. W. Parker investigated.

Apr. 7 – Mary Jo McAlister, 65, 206 Welcome Rd., Williamston, reported that someone kicked open the door to her carport and entered her residence. Missing was a jewelry box containing items of undetermined value. F. Wooten investigated.

Apr. 7 – Ken Moorhead Oil, 3000 Pelzer Hwy., Easley, reported that a customer left without paying for $10 worth of gas. T. A. Caron investigated.

Apr. 6 – Vickie Amaral, 48, 407 Iler St, Piedmont, reported that someone did $20 worth of damage to a mailbox. R. W. Miller investigated.

Apr. 6 – Joan Lucille Showalter, 60, 300 Cason Road, Piedmont, reported that someone stole a black metal mailbox and post valued at $20. A. Digirolamo investigated.

Apr. 6 – Jon Cotton, 31, 1 Dora St., Pelzer, reported that someone went into his vehicle parked at his residence and removed a DVD player and video camera valued at $830. F. Wooten investigated.


Apr. 5 – Family Dollar, 107 Hwy. 20, Pelzer, reported that a customer took items valued at $9 and placed them in her pants and purse. Cynthia D. Moore, 28, 114 Williamston Ct., Williamston, was arrested and transported to the Anderson County Detention Center. F. Wooten investigated.

Apr. 5 – Michael Limbaugh, 45, 141 Limbaugh Dr., Easley, reported that someone forced open the back window on the cover of his truck and took hunting gear valued at $1,420. K. L. Brown investigated.

Apr. 5 – Jo Ann Digirolamo, 32, 12 McCaughrin St., Pelzer, reported that someone stole a license plate valued at $12 from her vehicle. D. B. Anderson investigated.

Apr. 5 – Julie Cook, 130K Wadmalaw Trail, Piedmont, reported that someone took gas grills valued at $325 from her porch and her neighbor’s porch. T. A. Caron investigated.

Apr. 4 – Pilot, 110 Frontage Road, Piedmont, reported that a white male carried away a 12-pack of Natural Light beer valued at $7. S. F. Jones investigated.

Apr. 3 – Ronnie Ellison Auto Sales, 615 Parker St., Williamston, reported that someone pried open the door of a camper used for storage and took cash, a filing cabinet, batteries, and speakers valued at $345. J. M. Durham investigated.

Apr. 2 – Jessie E. Stroud, 59, 307 Ballard Road, Pelzer, reported that someone took a Yardman tiller and trailer valued at $1,935. D. M. Patten investigated.

Apr. 2 – Africa Goodman, 28, 205 Saluda Dr. Apt. 12, Piedmont, reported that someone forced open the back door to her home. Reported missing were jewelry and a mink coat valued at $9,500. F. Wooten investigated.

Apr. 2 – Bobby Lewis Hall, 28, 312 Partridge Dr., Williamston, reported that someone stole a payroll check valued at $300 from his wallet. S. C. Weymouth investigated.

Apr. 1 – Teddy D. Walls, 45, 405 Ragsdale Rd., Greenville, reported that someone stole a white 4-door 2000 Ford F-250 with a camper shell valued at $25,000 from his driveway. G. G. Diaz investigated.

Apr. 1 – Advantage Auto, 3818-B Hwy. 153, Piedmont, reported that someone broke a steering wheel and attempted to steal a blue 1978 Chevrolet Silverado pickup valued at $3,850 from the car lot. The vehicle was abandoned 50 feet from where it was originally parked due to a defective fuel pump. W. Cunningham investigated.

Mar. 31 – Ricky Medlock, 43, 538 Hwy. 8, Pelzer, reported that someone burglarized his car while parked at Bi-Lo on Lebby St. and took a CD AM/FM receiver valued at $200. J. Johnson investigated.

Mar. 31 – Wayne Maxwell Hampton, 18, 3901 Hwy. 29 North, Belton, reported that four men kicked open the front door to his residence. Reportedly one man held a gun while the others stole four 24” tires and rims valued at $12,478. R. S. Turner investigated.

Mar. 31 – Cindy Herrera, 25, 324 H. I. Taylor Road, Williamston, reported that someone carried away multiple pieces of jewelry valued at $1,000. S. F. Jones investigated.

Mar. 30 – Tabernacle Baptist Church, 519 Anderson St., Pelzer, reported that someone knocked in a door to the church office and went through filing cabinets and a desk. Reported missing was a money box with checks valued at $20. T. A. Caron investigated.








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