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Week of Feb. 12, 2003
Williamston wards, town services defined
Piedmont Public Service Board looks at personnel, purchases, community Greenville Water increases rates, West Pelzer citizens escape increase
Three men arrested in construction theft


Williamston wards, town services defined

Services to town residents such as garbage and trash pickup and recycling are scheduled and managed through Williamston’s four geographical wards. With new representatives on town council, this is a good time to review areas included in each ward as well as general information relevant to town residents.

Ward 1 includes the following: Bigby Dr., Brown St., Carolina St., College St., Cresent Dr., Cross St.,  E. Church St., Greenville Dr., Jehue St., Lakeview Dr., Market St., Mattison St., Middleton Blvd., Minor St., North St., Oak St., Park St., Pelzer Ave., Randall St., Roberts Blvd., School St., Scott St., Shorebrook Dr., Simpson St., Stewart St., Washington St., and Wilson St.

Ward 1 council member is Greg Cole who may be reached at (864) 847-5501.

Ward 2 includes the following: Austin St., Black St., Byron St., Calhoun St., Center St., Church St., Cleveland St., Etheridge, Gatewood subdivision, Graham Ct., Green St., Hamilton St., Jester Ct., Knight St., Lee St., Mill St., Patterson Dr., Pine Lane, Pinecrest Dr., Poinsett St., Ridge Ct., Ridge Dr., River Dr., Rockwood Dr., Royal Dr.,  Shirley Dr., Stone St., Sunset Ct., Thomas Cir., Traxler Ave., Tripp St., Whilden Dr., Williams St.. and Woodmere Ct.

Ward 2 council member is Cecil Cothran who may be reached at (864) 847-7187.

Ward 3 includes the following: Anderson Hwy., Anderson Dr., Attaway St., Belton Hwy., Bruce St., C St., Cherokee Rd., Dacus St., Davis St., Dickens Ave., Dove St., Ducworth Dr., Edgewood Dr., Hammond St., Hardy St., Hill Ave., Keys Dr., Kilgore Ave., MacDonald Ave., Maldin St., Mauldin St., McClellion St., Milwee Ct., Norwood Dr., Payne Dr., Prince St., Ridley St., Rogers St., Springdale St., Sullivan St., Tyson St., W. 5th St., Walton Dr., Waterfront Dr., Williams St. Ext., and Woodfield Dr.

Ward 3 council member is David Harvell who may be reached at (864) 847-9920.

Ward 4 includes the following: 1st St., 2nd St., 3rd St., 4th St., E. 5th St., A St., Academy Dr., Academy St., Anderson St., B St., Belton Hwy., Broad St., Circle Dr., Crawford St., Durham Dr., East St., F St., G St., Gossett Dr., Gossett St., Gray Dr., Harper St., L St., Lander St., Lewis Circle, Mahaffey Dr., Mattison Dr., McAlister St., Parker St., Ragsdale St., Shaw Dr., Spring St., Tucker St., Virginia Dr., W. Main St., and Wall St.

Ward 4 council member is Wade Pepper who may be reached at (864) 847-9076.

Garbage in Ward 1 and Ward 2 is picked up on Wednesday. Garbage in Ward 3 and Ward 4 is picked up on Thursday.

Exceptions to this schedule include the following streets where garbage is picked up on Wednesday: Academy Dr., Durham Dr., F St., G St., Gray Dr., Harper St., L St., Longview Dr., Mahaffey Rd., Shaw Dr., Williams St. Ext., and Academy from the Mill Village to and including Spring St. Garbage is picked up in Gatewood subdivision on Tuesday.

According to a town ordinance, garbage and trash must be placed in plastic bags, tied and placed on the side of the street preferably by 7 a.m. on the day of pickup.

Ward 1 and Ward 2 recycling is picked up on Monday. Ward 3 and Ward 4 recycling is picked up on Tuesday.

Limbs and leaves are picked up on a weekly rotation. Ward 1 is serviced on the first week of each month. Ward 2 is serviced on the second week of each month. Ward 3 is serviced on the third week of each month. Ward 4 is serviced on the fourth week of each month.

According to a town ordinance, leaves and grass clippings must be placed in plastic bags and tied. Limbs must be placed in piles separate from leaves or other debris.

Appliances, tires, batteries and metals are picked up on a time available basis by the town.

Citizens who have questions or comments about this information may call the Town Hall at 847-7473.

Board looks at personnel, purchases, community progams Piedmont Public Service

Personnel policies, major purchases and a new community initiative highlighted the meeting of the Piedmont Public Service District Board of Commissioners on Monday.

The first reading of a personnel policy to pay double time to employees who work Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day received unanimous approval.

The third reading of a personnel policy to pay one current day’s pay for each full year of service to an employee upon retirement from the district received unanimous approval.

Chairperson Marsha Rogers noted a current budget item of $30,000 to purchase a new vehicle. Administrator Butch Nichols presented several bids from local dealers obtained through state purchasing. After reviewing and discussing the bids, the board voted unanimously to purchase a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria for $21,071 and to add an extended warranty to the purchase.

Lucinda Quick, Community Outreach Coordinator for Fork Shoals, Pelzer and Piedmont, reported to the board on the Strong Communities initiative. The program is the first of its kind and is funded by the Duke Endowment for the prevention of child abuse and neglect in southern Greenville County.

A resident of Piedmont, she described the area as “rich in people resources” and referenced the fire department and the ministerial association as prime examples. She emphasized that first responders may be the first to see a need that could be addressed through the program.

She requested input and involvement to help develop effective programs and initiatives such as after school care or transportation services to benefit the community. Interested persons may contact her at (864) 201-2995.

The board also discussed the purchase of a smoke machine to detect leaks in lines from one manhole to the next. Nichols was directed to get bids and report back to the board. Rogers added that this would help in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s mandate about monitoring the sewer system.

The board also asked Nichols to get bids on video cameras for the ball park to help eliminate vandalism. This expenditure had been approved by the board in a previous meeting.

Commissioner Al McAbee’s motion to add awnings over the two front entrances to the fire station received unanimous board approval. McAbee suggested a metal awning or a wood awning with shingles.

After discussion about a new grass truck, the board decided to outfit the two current trucks with needed equipment to meet ISO requirements in lieu of purchasing a new truck. The board asked Nichols to compile a list and cost of what is needed.

McAbee reported 40 responses to calls in January. 

Commissioner Fred Glenn requested a workshop be scheduled before the first reading of the new budget.

Nichols reported that the Lions Club will be giving away old hospital beds that are now stored in the old post office building. Interested citizens should contact Milford Howard or Nichols at (864) 845-7401.

The board scheduled their next meeting for March 17 at 7 p.m. 

Greenville Water increases rates, West Pelzer citizens escape increase

The Town of West Pelzer decided to wait until they receive the next billing from the Greenville Water System to decide if the town will be forced to increase water rates for their customers.

Greenville Water notified the town in December of a rate increase for water service on bills mailed on or after February 1.

The wholesale rate for West Pelzer will increase from $1.40 per 1,000 gallons to $1.54 per 1,000 gallons.

West Pelzer Mayor Bill Alexander said that the cost to the town will amount to $1,753.50 per quarter based on previous water usage.

Town officials agreed that they are all concerned about the effects of rate increases on citizens.

Council member Maida Kelly said she was especially concerned about persons on a limited income.

Kelly said two persons she knows are living on $400 and $455 per month and any increase will be hard for them to cover on their limited budget.

“It grieves my heart to know we are in the shape we’re in,” Kelly said.

Councilman Joe Turner made a motion to wait until the next billing cycle to look at the effects of the Greenville Water System increase.

“Let’s give it a quarter and see the difference,” he said.  Council approved the motion 4-0.

Though zoning administrator Charles Ellenburg recommended property at 86 Main Street be rezoned from residential to light commercial, Council decided to table the issue after citizens expressed concerns about the intended use of the property.

No one showed up for advertised public hearings on the matter, according to town officials; however several citizens made comments during the council meeting. Comments primarily consisted of wanting to know what type business was expected to go into the location if the zoning change was approved.

Failing to get a second on a motion to deny the zoning change, Kelly made a motion for the issue to be tabled. Earl Brown gave the second.

The motion to table was approved 2-1 with Councilman Turner opposed.

Council decided to cut down a tree on an alleyway owned by the Town. 

Limbs from the large tree have caused damage to a  home at 43 Main St., which is located adjacent to the alleyway.

Property owner Diane Major requested that the tree be taken down before it causes additional damage to her home.

Councilman Turner made the motion to cut down the tree. The motion was approved 4-0.

Council tabled a request to allow a  gravel drive in a town alleyway after a zoning question was raised.

Council held second reading on a garbage rate increase, lowering the increase to $1 instead of the $2 increase approved on first reading held Jan. 16.

The Town currently contracts with Roger Scott  for garbage pickup based on a rate of $5 monthly per customer.

Scott said his operating costs have increased tremendously since he began offering the service  to the Town.

“It costs alot of money. I hate to ask for it,” Scott said, “but I’m losing money.”

Scott said the original contract states that  if costs occurred that couldn’t be controlled, the town would help.

Scott cited increases in insurance costs and fuel prices as the primary reason.

Council originally approved a $2 increase, raising the rate to $7 on first reading held during a special called meeting in January.

After discussion, which included comments by several citizens, Council approved a $1 monthly rate increase.

Residents will pay $6 for monthly garbage pickup and businesses will pay $9 monthly.

West Pelzer Mayor Bill Alexander is nearing the end of his term in office, and he said he will not be running for reelection  when his term ends in June.

Councilman Joe Turner said he is considering running for the mayor’s position. Several persons have said they may be putting their hats in the race.

Two council seats held by Maida Kelly and Bud Brown, along with the  mayor’s seat, will be open for election in June.

Three men arrested in construction theft

Three men who allegedly removed materials from a home under construction on Pelzer Hwy. on their way home from work were arrested and charged Monday.

A neighbor heard noises and observed a van in the driveway of a nearby residence under construction around 8 p.m. The neighbor got in his vehicle and drove to the residence and observed the suspects close the doors to the van and drive away without turning on headlights.

The witness called 911 from his cell phone and followed the van to a gas station located at Hwy. 8 and I-85. Reportedly, the suspects approached the witness and said that they would return the goods if he would not contact authorities.

When deputies arrived, the three suspects allegedly admitted loading and removing 17 sheets of plywood from the construction site. Arrested and charged were: Marlon Rodriguez, 21, 109 Estelle Dr., Williamston; Miguel Ernesto Trejo, 22, 116 Terrapin Dr., Williamston; and Carlos Mauricio Rodriguez, 24, 9111 New Britain Cir., Manasses, Virginia.

Anderson County sheriff’s deputies also investigated the following incidents:

Feb. 11 – Dana Lynn Clevenger, 30, 210 Massachusetts Bay Dr. Bldg. E, Piedmont, reported that someone kicked in her door and stole $60 cash. T Digirolamo investigated.

Feb. 9 – Milestone Exxon, 2312 Easley Hwy., Piedmont, reported that a customer concealed a bottle of wine and a six pack of beer and left without paying. After reviewing the store’s video tape, Mitchell Simon Patton, 19, 112 Browning Rd., Piedmont, was charged with shoplifting and arrested. D. Hodges investigated.

Feb. 9 – Poinsett Homes, 203 Crestwood Ct., Easley, reported that two suspects were observed removing an object from a residence at 139 Longwood Lane and placing the object in a pickup truck. Reported missing was a $600 stove. M. D. Campbell investigated.

Feb. 9 – Eugene Washington Merritt, 50, 201 Hattie Road, Easley, reported that someone took a 14’ red Perception canoe valued at $1000 from his front yard. D. Patten investigated.

Feb. 8 – Peggy Ann Johnson, 53, 703 H. I. Taylor Rd., Williamston, reported that someone removed two pistols valued at $450 from a gun safe. C. R. Brown investigated.

Feb. 8 – Galloway-Tripp Inc., 3334 Earle E. Morris Jr. Hwy., Piedmont, reported that someone disassembled a fence and stole a black 7x14 utility trailer valued at $1500. C. Diaz investigated.

Feb. 8 – Ron H. Fassett, 54, 1710 Campbell Rd., Williamston, reported that someone stole a gray Craftsman riding lawn mower valued at $900. A. Rivest investigated.

Feb. 7 – Ben Harshburger, 41, 905 Old River Road, Piedmont, reported that someone stole a yellow Manatouck ice machine valued at $850. A. Rivest investigated.

Feb. 2 – John Steven Williams, 41, 207 Wesley Ellison Rd., Williamston, reported that someone pried open the door to a utility building and stole various tools valued at $1600. T. Digirolamo investigated.





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